1. To start using Zept, click the green button on https://zept.ca. You have to sign up using your Facebook profile. 

2. Once you have logged in, you will enter your name, your high school or secondary school, your results/marks, and any programs that you may be interested in studying.

3. Once you have entered your information, Zept will recommend institutions that you can likely get into based on your grades and preferred area of study. 

When you get a school recommendation, you will favourite (right button) or reject (left button) the school. Favourited schools are added to a short list, which can hold up to 5 schools. 

4. In some cases, some schools recruiters may reach out to you from the liked institutions. If a recruiter chooses to contact you, you will receive a message in Zept where you can chat with the recruiter.

When you have made up your mind, you can use the APPLY  button on university pages to the official undergraduate application page of the respective university or college. 

All clear? 

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