There is a range of tuition fees in Canada based on the college or university you choose and the specific program you have chosen to study. For example, engineering programs and business programs are on average more expensive than arts programs, and college tuition fees are often lower than university ones. The tuition fees can range from $11,000 to $33,000 CAN but on average the tuition is  $22,000 CAN. 

You should also consider living costs in your budget. No one should spend every dime on books and live on instant noodles everyday (although posts on Twitter suggest the contrary...) This can be anywhere from $600/month in smaller towns, to well over $1200 in bigger cities. 

In total, the cost to get a university degree in Canada is around $32,000 CAN/year, while getting a diploma in Canada will set you back around $25,000 CAN/year. 

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