Zept limits the amount of educational institutions that you can add to your short list in order to help you focus on the schools you are really interested in and ones that you can likely attend. Currently, this means that you can add up to 20 schools in your shortlist. 

If you are looking for other schools, you can drop a school from your short list by disliking them. This will allow you to pick another institution.

In some cases a university or college that you have added to your short list may reach out to you to discuss coming to that school.

If you are certain of your choices in the shortlist, then begin researching the school and start the application process! You want to make sure that you have enough time and information about the institution that you are spending 3-4 years in. 

Here is a suggested flow:

  • Decide on your program - is it a BA, BComm, BEng, BSc, certificate or diploma? 
  • Make sure that you have the program requirements for entry - do you have Grade-12 Math, or Grade-12 Physics that that program asks for? 
  • Obtain your documents - some schools require official high school transcript from as early as Grade 9. Start contacting your high school to make sure that it is delivered on time. Get your standardized test result sent. Write your English Language Proficiency test (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB) and have the result sent. Contact your teachers/professors for recommendation letters (if required by the school.) This process can take some time, so make sure that you get it started as soon as possible!
  • Research the location - do you imagine yourself fitting in well in the campus, its surroundings, and the city/town that the institution is located in? 
  • Learn more about the school - do you like the scholarly nature of the school, or the entrepreneurial spirits that it exhibits? It's important that you can identify with the institution so that you can feel proud and belonged. Talk to the admissions officer, current students, alumni, you will learn more from different perspectives. 
  • Make a shorter lists of schools to apply to. Cut your shortlist down to at least 3 (ref: link) to where you will send your application. 
  • Apply! Documents all set? Feeling ready? Fill that form and hit that send button. You are so doing this! 

Let us know if you have issues dealing with any of these steps! And we would love to hear where you got into. :) 

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